About The DJ School

Inside the studio

We are an established studio and official Arts Centre opened to provide specialist teaching, training, and proffesional support for anyone with an interest in todays advanced music industry. Our slogan is 'Reach Your Ambitions', and we aim to help you acheive this.

We are a small private Chesterfield based studio and the only studio in Derbyshire to offer private DJ tuition. We are the only studio in the UK to offer only one-to-one tuition.

All students at The DJ School are taught by experienced professionals who have had years working in the industry. Our tutors include DJ's that have worked in the UK's top bars and clubs, plus music producers that have worked with artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Nelly Furtado and many more. More on our tutors can be found here.

Our studio is full of every piece of advanced technological equipment a DJ will ever come across in their professional career. This enables all students to be fully prepared for anything they may encounter. Our equipment includes Pioneer CDJ's, Technics 1210's, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and loads more.

The DJ School attracts students from all over the country. Not only do we give you the best possible training throughout your course, we provide support after you finish your course and help you get started in the industry. Some of our graduated students have gone on to play at some of the UK's largest clubs and events, including Europes biggest DJ exhibition the BPM Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham.


The DJ School was established in 2007 by Chris Hutton when he built a small home studio on his property. It started off as just a small project by him to teach his friends and family how to DJ and also to have a personal place where he could DJ himself.

While he was teaching his friends and family he found that not only could DJing provide a new skill for people it changed them as a person themselves. From then on Chris opened The DJ School's doors to the public offering one-to-one tuition to people with an interest in music and DJing. Chris decided to keep the studio small to offer a more personal approach to teaching. He believed that one-to-one tuition for DJing was the only effective way of teaching it.

In 2008 Rob Humar joined the team full time as partner of the company and head music production tutor. He brought with him all his skills as not only a professional music producer but also as one of the UK's top DJ's.

Over the years The DJ School received lots of demand from young people and people out of work who wanted to attend one of the courses but couldn't afford the course fees. This is why The DJ School teamed up with lots of local organisations including the local council to provide funding and free community based workshops to these individuals.

We believe people like to learn in a friendly environment using their creative skills that may not normally get utilised. This is what we strive to achieve.

In the middle of the country

We are located in the heart of England with most of the UK's largest cities less than 2 hours drive away. Click here for how to find us.

Unlimited Studio Time

We offer unlimited access to the studio facilities for all of our students. That way you get valuable practical experience whilst you are learning.

Friendly, Expert Tutors

Our tutors are the best in their fields. You will be learning top advice that has been learnt from years of working in the industry. Click here to learn more about our tutors.

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