Mobile DJ Workshops

The DJ School can carry out any of the courses mentioned in the course section of this website in any School, College or community centre. Through working with numerous schools in the past we have had the chance to learn valuable information into how these courses should be taught and carried out. This, plus feedback from school teachers and students, has made these courses into a fun and educational experience.

We recognise that in-school delivery requires a more formal approach than other environments and therefore provide specialist training for our industry professional tutors including 'Setting Appropriate Boundaries and Standards' to match the etiquette of the classroom. We have written bespoke courses for schools including teacher and pupil resources which you can access from us from this website.

We can also offer full school assembly demonstrations, or smaller group demonstrations of DJing and working in the music industry itself. These demonstrations excite and motivate young people into wanting to do this extra curriculum activity.

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